What is better than a cabin in the woods filled with firewood, plenty of wine, and  lots of food of course? Are you looking for your next staycation in Canada? Get ready for cabin feed since you know that the whole world is on lockdown and there are lots of travel restrictions and regulations. With that being said, this puts us on a very limited  traveling expirences anywhere outside of Canada. Thanks COVID for ruining our travel plans for the past year and continuing to date, so yeah welcome to 2021. 

As you may know us by now, Andrew and I never settle for anything, we just always want to be on the run to trying new and different things. Since the lockdown, we have been really enjoying finding cabins nearby for unique stays just to change the scenery and our day to day routine. After weighing out our options as to where we could travel to and what we can do, we have come to realize how many stunning cabins we have yet to see nearby.

A few days ago, we stayed at The Modern Wakefield cabin in Wakefield city, which I found on Airbnb, it is just about a 5 hours drive from Toronto. This cabin is eco-friendly and grants you a private access to the river nearby, parks, and hiking trails. This Cabin is great for couples getaway, family gatherings, or even up to 4 people. In this cabin, you really get to enjoy the full experience of being out in nature and enjoy the outdoorsy activities. Moreover, this cabin gives you a feeling of isolation to unwind and relax but the truth is, it’s only a 10-minute drive to Wakefield village just in case if you need any groceries, essentials, and even if you want to order or takeout food from different restaurants.

Things to do near the cabin:

  •  Discover Wakefield town. (boutiques, restaurants, small shops, etc).
  • Enjoy the wilderness
  • Access to hiking trails, parks, and rivers.
  • ski/snowboard at Sommet Edelweiss
  • enjoy a spa day at Nordik Spa (the cabin offers 10% off)
  • Access to Gatineau Park (ideal for hiking and biking during summer, and cross-country and snowshoeing in the winter).

What we really liked about this cabin is that it’s modern, fully equipped with toiletry, kitchen (for someone who enjoys cooking a perfect meal) bedding, firewood, and other essentials you would use at home. What we liked the most about this property is the large floor to ceiling windows in the kitchen that extends all the way through the living room, which makes you feel like you are sitting right outside in nature.

 Don’t be afraid to see some wildlife hanging just right on the porch or in the backyard, they just come by to say hi and remind you to enjoy every bit of what nature has to offer you.

Enjoying a hot drink and the large floor to ceiling windows

outdoor fireplace in the backyard with plenty of firewood provided

You can really tell how much effort and time they have put into building this space and every thoughtful detail added to make you feel comfortable and just like you are at home, from the cozy interior details to a very well equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms.



image 3


I cannot recommend this property enough to my friends and family and even to people who live just nearby and or around the region, because Nicolas and Marc who are the owners of this cabin have put so much effort and time into this place. They were very polite, quick to respond to any questions we had, and provided helpful and thorough guidelines of this cabin. Perhaps, you can tell for yourself from the thoughtful touches, the cozy interior, very well cleaned and equipped place to stay in.

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This is what a weekend in the woods looks like. Our time here consists of cooking delicious food, cuddling by the fireplace, skiing, snowboarding, enjoying our morning strolls through the woods, and watching Netflix at night by the fire.

Doesn’t it feel good when you are away from home but still feel like you are at home? Well, this place will for sure give you that feeling of belonging and being comfortable even though you are away from home. Give this place a try and click the button above and reserve your spot to enjoy this spectacular stay at the Modern Wakefield Cabin and trust me you will thank me later! 

Be conscious, travel locally ( there are plenty of hidden gems where you live), and enjoy every moment in nature.

with love,