Wander where you’re grounded

To travel is to see the world and your place in it, to wander around and find your true self and desires. It makes you understand what you can’t see and feel if you’re stuck in one place. It leaves you in awe of new cultures, people and places. It opens your mind to see what matters and what doesn’t while living on this beautiful, God created planet. Take the chance and see all different parts of our world, get out of your comfort zones, old habits and routines.

You’re probably like what are you saying, there is no chance to travel now. I know I know trust me ; It has been tough these past few months since COVID19 happened and all travel plans have been canceled. I’m sure you most likely had plans for this summer so did I. What matters now is that I am still making the best out of this time . I do have my ups and downs though just like anyone else yet I don’t let my feelings drag me into the negativity pit so I move on pretty quickly. This situation we are in might keep us confined in our homes but It doesn’t mean we can’t go out, enjoy the weather and make It feel like a vacation. Especially now that the weather has started to warm up, we’ll be taking in as much sunshine as possible. Few things you can do during this time is plan a road trip where you live and explore new places that you haven’t seen or heard of, I’m sure there is plenty of those. Go on a picnic, pack your bags with your favorite snacks and drinks and lay a blanket in your yard, or any open space field. Take a day to go to the beach to unwind . I find myself really in comfort when I’m at the beach soaking in all the vitamin D.