Welcome to Spain

Madrid has an amazing fusion of history and modern, urban lifestyle with lots of things to do and places to see. We took a full day to go around Madrid and see what its all about! No transportation was needed since they were all within walking distance. All the main places we visited are listed below:

La Rollerie Mayor 24,found this cute little cafe for breakfast.

Plaza Mayor De Madrid, the capital and the major plaza in the heart of Madrid. well known for walking around, lots of shops and restaurants to see.

Puerto Del Sol another public space in Madrid, one of the busiest known centre in the city.

Royal Palace of Madrid, was the official residence of the Spanish Royal family, but now it is used for state ceremonies.

Sabatini Gardens, are part of the Royal Palace and they are open to public. You will see stunning gardens here!

Plaza de Oriente, is a historic square located right across from Royal Palace. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Madrid.

Catedral del la Almudena, is a Catholic Church of Madrid, you can just walk around and admire the beauty of it. It also has a museum and the admission is about €6per person.

Temple of Debod, this is an ancient Egyptian temple that was donated to Spain. It is free entry but the line and the wait time could get really long.

Real Madrid official Shop, I am a big fan of Real Madrid, so it was a must for me to visit their official store!

Restaurante Los Galayos, is located in the city, we had to stop and try Spain’s national dish, Paella. It is a rice-based dish authentically prepared with a mixture of rabbit or chicken, white and green beans, and other mixed vegetables. Seafood is also common in this dish, but we went for a vegetarian one! It was so delicious with their specialty of sangria drink!

Mistura Handcrafted Ice Cream, after a long day of walking, exploring, eating and taking lots of pictures, we needed some coffee and rest time. Few people we met recommended this cafe and we couldn’t go wrong with it! it is artisan cafeteria with high quality ingredients. They are well known for their handcrafted ice cream using raw materials. Highly recommend!

If you fly, I will fly…
Palma De Mallorca

As we took off on a cruise ship from Port De Barcelona to get to the island, we were expected to sail through the Balearic Sea for 8 hours straight. Make sure you book your ferry ahead of time if you are traveling from Madrid or Barcelona. We paid about $288 CAD for two people, which included 2 berth cabin (Ensuite). Our cabin was very clean, spacious, 2 comfortable beds, full bathroom and window with sea views. The ferry had 1 open restaurant, cafe, and a bar on the rooftop with spectacular sea views! I highly recommend sailing through the Balearic Sea, it is just a totally different experience!

We arrived at Port De Palma around 9 pm, Palma is a stunner. We were deadly tired and there was no way we were able to take the bus especially our hostel was an hour away in another city called Arta’. It was not the smartest thing we’ve done, but we ended up taking a cab which cost us €90. Anyhow, who cares we were on vacation and we couldn’t wait to explore this island!

We stayed at Ca Sa Padrina d’Artá located in Convent, 5, Arta, Mallorca.. We were very pleased with our stay here. If you ever decide to stay in Arta, give this place a chance and you won’t regret it! The owner is such a friendly guy, he cooks and prepares delicious breakfast every morning, ohh and I can’t forget his freshly squeezed orange juice! so tasty!

There are 262 beaches on Mallorca, from lonely calas to rocky bays or family beaches. You could spend weeks in this city alone, and still uncover fresh joys every day. Because we had little time here, we chose three breathtaking beaches in different cities. First, you have to rent a motorcycle to discover Mallorca and get around freely and easily! The place where we rented the motorcycle is called Rent a Bike Schulz&Junior in Cala Ratjada, llles Balears, highly recommend! Miguel, the owner was very friendly and helpful, we became good friends afterwards, in fact we are still in touch with him, check him out!

incridable experience sailing through the Balearic Sea
room view from the top
Relaxing day in our pool at Casa Padrina
So insanely beautiful! 

Our first day of exploring, we went to Cala Agula, a beautiful beach surrounded by pine trees and mountains, situated in the district of Capdepera, about 80 kilometres from Palma. The water here is shining clean and appears wonderfully crystal clear blue, making it the perfect place for swimming. This beach has plenty of natural landscapes and water sports as well as a few beach bars onsite that offer snacks and drinks, and one restaurant that is family friendly. We were able to find hidden spots where all the boats are, and swam around freely for an entire day! Our favourite dinner spot was Sa Gripia, a hidden gem in the heart of Arta’.a lovely courtyard restaurant with its own lemon tree and a high quality, authentic, romantic vibe to it!

Mermaid for life

Parc Natural De La Peninsula De Levant, is a real paradise. We went all the way up north of Arta’ with our motorcycle and it took us about 25 minutes riding. This place is known for the long hiking, breathtaking scenery views. There are two people right at the front desk to explain everything you need to know before you take off. They will give you a marked map so you can follow. To complete a round trip, you need plenty of water, comfortable shoes and lots of sunscreen. It took us approximately 2.5 hours of walking one way. Some trails are steep, some are uphill, downhill, and the closer you get to the top point, the more tired legs you get. it felt like its never ending. There was certainly no one around hiking expect Andrew and I, however we fully enjoyed it with the tranquility, birds singing, quietness of nature, and the incridable views at the end. totally worth it! If you feel like you need to do something different other than swimming, and doing water sports, I recommend hiking this piece of paradise.

After every hike accomplished, a dinner is well deserved right? haha, well guess what, we had an outstanding cave dinner experience at Restaurante Es Castle, situated in Calle Major 47, Capdepera. You literally feel like sitting in a cave! It is one of the best restaurants in town, with excellent food and priceless atmosphere! It’s not a touristy kind of food, it has rather Mallorcan, Spanish taste to it.

Mallorca, you left us speechless

 262 beaches on Mallorca island, that makes it even harder to choose what beach to explore next, nonetheless we managed to pick Cala Mesquida. This remarkable beach is 7 km from Capdepera and 15 km from Artà, on the north-eastern end of Mallorca. If you’re into water sports, this is the place for snorkelling, surfing or pedal boating, all very popular activities in the bay. The day was nothing short of spectacular, pure adventurous and magical island loving.

Oh Mallorca, we have waited so long to finally make it to your beautiful land. It is a dream come true and all I have to say is that I just fell in love with you even more! It felt so familiar, with all the tropical feels I live for. The water is immaculate, I’m talking glassy, bright blue deliciousness that has to be seen to be believed. I absolutely loved our time here, spending most of it in the water, but also venturing up the mountains to get a peak of some of the most stunning lookouts. It is a place to pursue any adventure of your choosing, because it has it all.

if you’re happy and you know it, splish splash

With Love,

Krew Voyage