Isla MuJeres; Island Paradise

After the biggest and best night of our lives (our wedding) we were then headed to the airport for our honeymoon! That’s what we were most excited about , to visit one of the most beautiful island called Isla Mujeres. It is found just a few miles off the Caribbean coast, accessible via a short ferry ride from Cancun. The island is about four miles in length and only 600 meters wide. It has such a beautiful vibe to it, people are laid back, full of colorful buildings, and of course surrounded by crystal clear waters. The main transportation method is a golf cart. Isla mujeres is split into three distinct areas: the north is the touristy part of town where we stayed. You will find tons of restaurants on the main strip, white sand beaches and clearest water ever. If you head further south and middle of the island is where you’ll find locals that own small shops and cafes. Also, even further down you will find guesthouses and little development. We decided to stay in Isla for six days because it is a smaller island and it was more than enough to do any activities, excursions and just drive with the golf cart through the island to explore, in fact we did. 

I was so blown away with this view, how clear is that water?!
When you visit Isla Mujeres, golf cart is all you drive down there because of its small size, tight streets, and everything so close. We were able to rent it for one day.

We tried most of their local food and I can say that this spot was my favourite by far, we stopped and had lunch. We drove our golf cart and as you can see, you just park it on the side of the street, sit back and enjoy the meal! I am not a sea food person so it was nice to find variety of dishes at this resturant Soggy Peso.
We went on a boat and sailed to the reef for a day where I went snorkeling and my husband scuba dived! We saw all kinds of sea animals and I got to catch a live lobster. That was one of the coolest things ive done so far!
We went on exploring the further end of the island and we stopped at Dolphin Discover to swim with my absolutely favorite creature in the sea!
This was our suite view, we stayed at Ixchel Beach Hotel on the north side of the island.
one of the nights, we went out for dinner at the Zoetry Villa Rolandi with a wonderful couple we have met there. It was one of the top notch restaurants on the island with delicious food. By far it was my favorite spot!
With Love
Knew Voyage