Our Story

I’m going to share a little bit of why I created my blog and when my passion grew to wander around the world.

I was born and raised in Jordan but I moved quite a lot  from town to town, city to city, and honestly I was sick and tired of it at first. I moved to Chicago, ILL in 2008 and it was my first time traveling overseas. It was a new change for me as a teenager, however, I went out of my comfort zone and started to accept and adapt to the new culture, environment, and the language surprisingly quickly.

I loved my new lifestyle and I realized that I wanted to keep exploring new countries and cultures. I knew It was something that I always had passion for. 

At all times I dreamt of traveling with someone I love, trust and care about for the rest of my life. Most importantly, someone shares the same faith, the same perspective of living the right way, and giving all the glory to God who has created us. This was huge for me, and I am a strong believer of all things will come together because God has allowed it. I had faith, I prayed, and God answered. 

One of my favourite bible verse is in (Romans 10:10) that says;

For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.”

For instance , in my culture, it is very usual for two to get married at a young age. So I was so up for it but with the right person. Perhaps, I did find the one that was worth everything to keep. My husbands name is Andrew James, was born and raised in Lebanon, and then moved to Canada in 2009. He is also 25 years old and carried that passion as well. We met at my church conference that was annually held in Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference, Michigan. We started dating nine months after we met. Soon were married in 2017 and we are now based in Toronto, Canada.

Ever since, we have been creating our own lifestyle, sharing our faith and traveling together. We are happy for documenting everything we have done and will do in the future, in hopes to inspire young couples to believe in LOVE, FAITH, and ADVENTURE. Allow yourself to create the life you have always dreamt of!  

With Love,

Krew Voyage

A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart

~Ecclesiastes 4:12